SF20: The Art of Street Fighter
in stores!

September 10th, 2009

SF20: The Art of Street Fighter, collecting 20 years of Street Fighter artwork is in comic stores now, and will be arriving for sale at Amazon.com and major book stores any moment now! So pick up or reserve your copy right away!

This is the most complete collection of Street Fighter artwork ever, and is loaded with roughs sketches, promo art, character designs, and detailed artist commentary. There’s the complete artwork of every Street Fighter game, plus never before collected art from Street Figther IV, Street Fighter EX, Capcom crossovers with Marvel, SNK and Tastunoko and lots more!

Order SF20: THE ART OF STREET FIGHTER now from Amazon.com

And if you missed our first preview of the book, here it is again. Great stuff no SF fan should miss!

SF20: The Art of Street Fighter

July 21st, 2009

Capcom®’s Street Fighter® franchise is the undisputed king of the fighting game genre. But besides its bone-shattering combos and explosive super moves, Street Fighter is just as well known for its unsurpassed artwork. Now UDON brings gamers the most complete collection of Street Fighter artwork ever- SF20: The Art of Street Fighter!

SF20: The Art of Street Fighter gathers over 1,500 illustrations by Capcom’s top artists over the past 20 years. Included are character designs, concept art, rough sketches, game covers, promo artwork, crossover pieces and even some never-before seen artwork from Street Fighter’s past and present. Plus Capcom artists Akiman, Kinu Nishimura, CRMK, Edayan, Dai-Chan, Ikeno, Shinkiro and others give commentary on their favorite pieces and discuss what it’s been like to help forge the Street Fighter legacy.

The book covers every Street Fighter era, featuring artwork from:

Street Fighter®

Street Fighter® II

Street Fighter® III

Street Fighter® IV

Street Fighter® Alpha

Street Fighter® EX

Capcom® Fighting Evolution

Marvel™ VS Capcom®

Capcom® VS SNK®

Tatsunoko VS. Capcomâ„¢

And more!

SF20: The Art of Street Fighter arrives in stores September 2009. No true Street Fighter fan would dare miss out on this ultimate Street Fighter artwork archive!

Contest Guidelines

February 28th, 2008

Street Fighter is one of the most influential video game franchises of all time. It launched the head-to-head fighting game genre and brought together millions of players around the globe to do battle, first at arcades and later, across a variety of home consoles. 2008 is the 20th anniversary of the franchise and to celebrate the property’s rich history UDON Entertainment is producing an all-new full color art book – Street Fighter Tribute.

The Street Fighter fans who were young players when the franchise first launched are now grown up, but their love of the game continues. This high quality art book, showcases a cross section of brand new artistic interpretations of the Street Fighter characters in a series of full size pin-up style illustrations. The book will launch at this year’s Comic-con International: San Diego as part of Capcom’s Street Fighter Celebration content.

UDON artists and other comic, video game and freelance illustrators have been invited to interpret their favorite Street Fighter characters for inclusion in this special book. Along with these invited artists UDON is sending out a widespread open art submission call to the video game fan artist community to submit artwork for possible inclusion in the tribute volume.

You could be part of Capcom history as part of the Street Fighter Tribute art book and have your artwork showcased alongside top names in the industry! It’s time to show UDON and Capcom your unique vision of Street Fighter!

We expect a large amount of entries from the global fan art community so please ensure that you follow the rules as outlined below. ART SUBMITTED THAT DOES NOT FOLLOW THESE RULES WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

Initial submissions must be via a low resolution JPEG (please make the sample jpeg no larger than 900kb) e-mailed to sftribute@udoncomics.com. In that e-mail, include your full name (real name, not internet nickname or other ID) and proper mailing address.
Multiple submissions are allowed. If you send multiple submissions for the contest, please e-mail each entry separately and ensure that your full contact information is included with each submission.If your work is chosen and you’d like us to credit the artwork to a nickname/internet handle, please let us know.Due to the number of entries we anticipate receiving, ONLY winning artists will receive e-mail confirmation and correspondence. Please don’t follow up with e-mails asking us if your artwork has won. We’ll contact you if your artwork has been chosen. Do NOT send full size (print resolution) illustrations unless we specifically ask you for them. If your artwork is accepted for inclusion in the book, we will send you an e-mail and set up a way to receive the high resolution final image from you.

JPEG samples of illustrations must be e-mailed to sftribute@udoncomics.com no later than Monday March 31st in order to be considered for inclusion in the book.

The artwork submission must be an original illustration done by the artist.
Final hand-in format size must be
8.5″ x 11″ (or larger equivalent height-width ratio)
400+ dpi TIF file (CMYK or RGB)

Any characters from the following games –
Street Fighter
Street Fighter II (and sequels)
Street Fighter III (and sequels)
Street Fighter Alpha (and sequels)
Street Fighter IV

All pin-ups should be of Street Fighter characters ONLY. You can illustrate a single character or a group. It’s up to you. DO NOT include characters from other video games (including other Capcom games) or any non-Street Fighter characters from crossover video games (IE. NO X-MEN, MARVEL VS CAPCOM, NO SNK). Including non-Street Fighter characters will automatically disqualify the submission. Please also note that original characters from the Street Fighter EX series are also NOT allowed.All content must be teen-friendly (PG-13 equivalent) – No extreme violence/gore (a little bit of blood is okay) or nudity.Stylistically, we want artists to show us what they can do. We don’t need you to draw or paint just like the Capcom artists in order to win (though if that is the style you choose, that’s okay too). Realistic, anime/manga, super-deformed/cute, comic book style, abstract, animated, graffiti, pixelated, you name it… we’re open and excited about receiving all kinds of different original artistic interpretations.

Winners of the Street Fighter Tribute art submission contest will have their illustration included and credited in the Tribute art book being published by UDON and will receive their own free copy of the book once it’s released. This is a great way to showcase your illustration skills to a wide audience and show your love for the Street Fighter franchise at the same time.

By submitting artwork to the Street Fighter Tribute art book contest, you agree to relinquish all reproduction rights to the image. There is no payment to artists for artwork used in the Street Fighter Tribute book. All artwork included in the Street Fighter Tribute book is owned by CAPCOM. Submitting artwork does not guarantee that it will be used in the Street Fighter Tribute book. Artwork will be judged on an individual basis by the editors of Street Fighter Tribute. All decisions are final.

We’re recommending that artists keep their SF Tribute submission artwork under wraps until the book launches on July 23, 2008. We want the fans to be surprised as they open up the book for the first time and see the amazing variety and quality of artwork inside.