1520! UDON premieres new manga series online… for free!

UDON Entertainment  has teamed up with online media distribution giant, Crunchyroll, to launch a weekly digital manga and comic digest called UDON COMBO!. The new E-zine debuted worldwide in August with the award-winning hit title 1520 with many more to be announced in the weeks to come.

“Meet the handsome prince Zelos and royal maid Ana, two 15-year-olds  from two very different kingdoms.
This unlikely pair have Found themselves bound together by a magical curse, reducing them each to onLy 10 years of age. When Ana laughs or zelos cries, they can each return to their original age of 15…. but at the cost of knocking the other down to a mere 5 years old!

NOW, on the run from the villain who cursed them, can these two stop bickering long enough to find a cure for their condition… and maybe even save both their kingdoms from disaster?”

To check get your own taste of the UDON Combo!, and the all-new manga series 1520, head to:

1520 at Crunchyroll.com

New chapters are added every friday! And if you like what you see, order 1520 Vol.1 today!