Street Fighter Gaiden Vol.2 in stores

8:15 am January 7, 2011

Street Fighter Gaiden Vol.2, the second and final volume of Mami Itou’s Street Fighter manga is now available in stores. Itou Mami brings the classic Street ...

Street Fighter Ultimate Edition Hardcovers!

7:00 pm January 4, 2011

Now available exclusively from UDONstore.com, it’s the STREET FIGHTER ULTIMATE BOXED SET! STREET FIGHTER ULTIMATE HARDCOVER BOXED SET $249.99usd ($199.99 with discount code!) – limited to 250 sets! – ...

Street Fighter & Street Fighter II Ultimate Editions in stores!

2:59 pm December 30, 2010

Looking for somewhere to spend that holiday money your Grandma gave you? Look no further than the new printing of Street Fighter: The Ultimate Edition, ...

Seasons Greetings from UDON!

3:23 pm December 24, 2010

Darkstalkers Vol.2 TPB & SF Legends: Ibuki TPB

4:23 pm December 10, 2010

Arriving next Wednesday Dec 15th in comic stores everywhere are two new UDON comic collections – DARKSTALKERS Vol.2 and STREET FIGHTER LEGENDS Vol.3: IBUKI! Darkstalkers Vol.2: ...

Mega Man Tribute!

10:02 am December 8, 2010

Since his debut in 1987, Mega Man has remained a video game icon, having starred in more than 140 titles. In his 23 year history, ...

MEGA announcement coming on Wednesday!

10:49 am December 3, 2010

This coming Wednesday UDON announces our biggest Mega Man project yet! Come back for a new teaser pic every day until then. Let the speculation begin!

Street Fighter Gaiden Vol.1 in stores

10:42 am December 3, 2010

Street Fighter Gaiden Vol.1 is in comic stores now, so head down to your local shop and pick up a copy! And for you online ...

UDON book updates

4:31 am November 24, 2010

MEGA MAN MEGAMIX VOL.3 In case you missed it, Mega Man Megamix Vol.3 was released this past week. This is the final volume of Megamix, but ...

Mega Man: Robot Master Field Guide

3:40 pm November 11, 2010

Mega Man is beloved the world over as one of the most recognizable icons of gaming. However, it’s not just the blue bomber himself that ...