A Quick Note About “Out Of Print” Books

Hey Udon fans!

Thanks so much for your continued support and enthusiasm for all our comics, manga, and artbooks! We get tons of feedback from you guys and gals online and at conventions,  and we hear all of it. We may not always have time to respond–and some stuff is still under wraps and so we CAN’T respond–but rest assured that we’re listening and always doing our best for you, whether you’ve just discovered us through our just-published Shigenori Soejima Artworks or Apple Selection Volume 1 art books, or you’ve been with us right from The Beginning with Street Fighter #1.

So let’s talk about “Out Of Print” books. We’ve been getting a lot of e-mail lately about books that have gone “Out of Print,” but are really just no longer easily available.

Sometimes there’s a gap between when we sell through the copies of a book we have printed, and when we print more copies. Sometimes this is only a week, and sometimes it’s 6 months or more. This is true for art books, manga, or our graphic novels. We print all of our books to have stock on hand for at least a year from their publication date, and sometimes for much longer. There is a long, long window of easy availability on our books, and we work hard to reprint books all the time. Sometimes you might have to wait a little while for that reprint, and we generally can’t tell you when that’s going to be until it’s (almost) already here, but except for our very cool, very deliberately limited edition books (and we always let you know about those ahead of time) most of our artbooks are still easily available from us, whether they were published last week or 4 years ago.

For the ones that aren’t easily available, well, here’s where a lot of you guys get upset. Independent sellers will always sell our stuff for whatever they want, but generally when a book is no longer easily available–even for a week–they’ll raise the price on their copies, sometimes outrageously. Obviously, we have absolutely no control over this, but it happens and there’s not much to be done and it’s not worth worrying about, here’s why:

There are thousands of copies of these books already in print. Sometimes tens of thousands of copies! Just because we don’t have any in our warehouse, that doesn’t mean that the copies in comic book stores, major book chains, or other online avenues have immediately disappeared! With a little googling this evening I was able to find copies of some of those “Out of print” books fetching outrageous sums – and they were still on sale for less than cover price!

So if you want to find an “Out of Print” book, here’s what we recommend:

  1. Check out our webstore, http://udonstore.com. It’s FULL of “out-of-print” stuff!
  2. Check the shelves of your local comic book shop. Comics stores order lots of our books, and there are likely copies available there. To find the comic book shop in your area, call 1-888-COMIC-BOOK or visit http://comicshoplocator.com/. Maybe don’t mention that it’s ‘out of print’ though, just in case. 😉
  3. If you’re visiting certain popular online booksellers and coming up empty, why not check bookstores in other countries? Amazon.ca (Canada) and Chapters.Indigo.ca (Canada) stock our books, and they often have copies available for cover price or less!
  4. Visit us at conventions! We sometimes have rare or “out of print” books at our convention appearances.
  5. Wait for a reprint. It only seems like waiting is terrible, but it totally builds character! :)

So to repeat: All of our books have thousands and thousands of copies in print, with the exception of clearly-marked, limited edition stuff (and if you’ve been hmming and hahing on our awesome Street Fighter Ultimate Box Set, well, you might want to hurry up…). While a book might no longer be EASILY available from your preferred online retailer, our books are still out there and not too hard to find with a little bit of searching. Good luck!

Again, we thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm, and for reading this really long blog post! You guys rock.


– The Staff of UDON