Announcing: Marvel Vs. Capcom: Pixel Sprite Dustjacket Edition!


An Exclusive “Sprite” Dustjacket for Marvel Vs. Capcom: Official Complete Works Softcover!

MvC-DustcoverHere at UDON we love games, and in particular we love the amazing Marvel Vs. Capcom fighting game series! UDON Co-Founding Artist Arnold Tsang loved this series so much that he actually created all new 2D sprites, to represent the new characters introduced in the 3D versions of the game, MVC 3 and UMVC3…!

As a celebration of this new work that Arnold has created, and to make something cool for fans, we’ve worked with Marvel and Capcom to create this EXCLUSIVE dust jacket for the first printing, softcover edition of UDON’s MARVEL VS. CAPCOM: OFFICIAL COMPLETE WORKS, featuring all the Marvel & Capcom characters in the MVC series in their sprite format! A loving tribute to the era of 2D fighting games, a collection of exclusive sprite art, and something cool to wrap around your copy of MVC:OCW… what more could any fighting game fan want?

Right now, purchase Marvel Vs. Capcom: Official Complete Works 1st Edition Softcover at and get this dustjacket for free! Plus, we’re throwing in a copy of the UDON Pin-up book NUDO too! An $80 value for the standard softcover price of $44.99! 

 Dust jacket will not be available for sale separately until April 2014.