UDON Entertainment is proud to announce its newest video game art book, SENRAN KAGURA: Official Design Works! This book collects “bakunyuu artist” Nan Yaegashi’s fantastic illustrations from the original SENRAN KAGURA game, SENRAN KAGURA Burst, SHINOVI VERSUS, and more!

For those not in the know, SENRAN KAGURA is all about beautiful ninja girls from secret ninja academies who engage in fierce shinobi battles… and look great while doing it! The series originated as a side-scrolleron the Nintendo 3DS and quickly attracted a fanbase with features like enhanced breast physics, destructible clothing, and customizable outfits for its female battlers. The original game’s wild popularity led to several sequels as well as drama CDs, a card-battling game, an anime series, a few manga series, and even a rhythm cooking game!

UDON Entertainment’s translation of SENRAN KAGURA: Official Design Works is faithful to the original Japanese book and is chock-full of illustrations of beautiful ninja girls! In addition to character designs, pinups, in-game artwork, and character profiles, the book also features an exclusive interview with the game’s creators and a detailed glossary of important SENRAN KAGURA terms – both of which are must-reads for hardcore fans of the series!

Whether you’re a longtime “bakunyuu” fan or just want a beautiful art book filled with gorgeous ninja girls, we think you’ll love SENRAN KAGURA: Official Design Works! The full page preview of the art book will be coming soon!