BACKSTAGE: Shining Hearts & R.O.D

Shining Hearts: Collection of Visual Materials
Read Or Die: R.O.D Official Archive

Once again UDON takes you backstage and behind the scenese ont the production of its new books! Being printed at almost the same time, we’ve got two fantastic new backstage passes for you to take a look at…

First up, it’s Shining Hearts: Collection of Visual Materials, the next book in our ‘Shining’ Artbook series. Featuring an amazing array of illustrations by Tony Taka, this collection of artworks from the popular Shining Hearts JRPG will satisfy all of your desires for behind-the scenes character designs, world building, and lovely ladies. Plus: Pages of illustrations of bread! Must be seen to be believed.

Then check out this amazing anime art archive! It’s Read Or Die: R.O.D Official Archive, collecting the artwork from the TV and OVA series’ of R.O.D This one is a personal favourite of UDON chief Erik Ko, and it offers fantastic insight into the creative process, not to mention pages and pages of great illustrations and character designs.

Both of these books have now been approved and are either printing or have printed, and will be in stores in December!

– Chris/UDON