Darkstalkers Tribute Fan Entries DONE!

We just woke up and sorted the last batch of entries from last night and you guys did not disappoint. After deleting multiple entries that were the exact same, here’s the grand total…

(drumroll please)


2072 submissions!

2072, and over half of those arrived in the last two days. You guys may be very last minute oriented but you’re also unbelievably passionate about Darkstalkers!

We are awed by the number of submissions. We thought last year’s 1400+ Street Fighter submissions was impressive, but this is just bonkers. The variety and quality we’re seeing overall is fantastic. Really, really great stuff. This Tribute book will be one for the ages.

Needless to say, this is going to take a bit of time to get fully organized and judging may take a bit while we go through this mass of material.

Some quick points:

– Yes, we did get your submission, seriously. Even if the website gave you an error, it almost certainly went through. When the web form was being pummeled it would sometimes spit out errors but, every time we checked, the submission did go through correctly.

– We don’t know how long before we can announce winners. Organizing these, judging them, fighting amongst ourselves over which pieces should get in and then finalizing the list will take some time, especially when that’s added to our regular work schedule.

– We don’t know how many fan submitted pieces will be in the final book yet. We’re still finalizing page count (we originally assumed Darkstalkers Tribute would be thinner than Street Fighter… now, maybe not :)) and receiving art from invited professionals.

– We’re looking at a variety of things when deciding which ones will make the final cut to be in the book but basically it’s quality & originality. With this many submissions, it’s going to be unbelievably difficult getting down to our final list and it’ll break our heart to cut some of them out. All we can say is that we’ll do our best to represent the fans well.

– Unfortunately, we can’t give an extension for fan submissions. We announced the contest on January 8th here on the blog so there was plenty of time to put together a piece. It would be unfair to extend the deadline for some fan submissions and not everyone. And with all the ones we already have, we know we’re in good shape.

– Many artists put together multiple unique high quality entries, which shows great commitment to the contest. Thank you for your intense efforts, whether or not you win a spot in the book. Your enthusiasm for these properties helps inspire us and reminds us why we do these books and comics in the first place. THANK YOU!

PS: 2072! So crazy!