Details on Street Fighter III backup stories

While UDON has included a diverse array of martial artists in the studio’s Street Fighter® comics, there’s still a generation of fighters that have received little page time. At nearly every convention appearance, the UDON crew gets asked – “When will we get to see some Street Fighter III characters!?” Well fans are about to get their wish, with 3 Street Fighter III backup stories appearing in the pages of Street Fighter® II Turbo #8,9 & 10.

First up in August’s Turbo #8 is a story about arguably the most popular member of the Street Fighter III cast – ninja/schoolgirl Ibuki! While she has trained as a ninja her entire life, Ibuki despises her ninja duties and dreams of a ‘normal’ life. The Ibuki 4-pager will be handled by UDON’s resident female form expert, Omar Dogan.

October’s Turbo #9 sheds light on the origins of the mystical hermit Oro. This ancient martial arts master is rumored to be over 140 years old, and journeys the world searching for a student worthy of receiving his teachings. Alan Wang tackles Oro art chores.

Finally, November’s Turbo #10 features a tale about the most mysterious Street Fighter character ever – the man known only as Q. Next to nothing is known about this trench coat-clad, metal-masked figure. IS he a ‘he’? Is he even human? Artist Bob Strang brings us one step closer to the truth about Q.

And the Street Fighter III stories don’t end there! Fans can look forward to a full blown Street Fighter III comic series in early 2010, right after the conclusion of the current Street Fighter II Turbo 12-issue maxi-series.