Devil Survivor: Official Material Collection

201305_DevilSurvivor_OfficialMaterialCollection Devil Survivor: Official Material Collection

In seven days, Tokyo will fall. Demons have invaded the city, and unless a group of teenagers does something about it, fear and chaos will reign.

Devil Survivor: Official Material Collection is the ultimate companion to the hit role playing game, and includes character designs, promotional artwork, storyboards, a detailed demon guide, and creator interviews. Like the Persona series, Devil Survivor is part of the Megami Tensai RPG franchise from Atlus.

Devil Survivor was originally released for the Nintendo DS. An updated version, Devil Survivor Overclocked, was released for the Nintendo 3DS on 2011.

Release date: July 2013
Price (U.S.): $39.99

ISBN: 1-926778-73-1
ISBN-13: 978-1-926778-73-0

Format: Softcover
Page Count: 176, Color
Size: 8.25″ wide X 11.75″ long

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