Fan EXPO Roundup

UDON gave two panel presentations at this past weekends Fan Expo Canada in Toronto Ontario.

Jim Zubkavich gave a talk on UDON’s 10th anniversary, covering UDON’s history, some of UDON’s newest and upcoming books, and our creative services division.You can read a summary of the UDON panel at

UDON also brought Mega Man manga artist Hitoshi Ariga over from Japan to visit the Canadian fans. Ariga participated ina Q&A sessions with fans, moderate by UDON’s managaing editor Matt Moylan and translator/Japanese editor Kirie Hayashi.

Listen to an audio recording Ariga’s Q&A here: Hitoshi Ariga Panel

ariga 1 ariga2

Thanks go to Jamie Coville of for his recording and photos of the Hitoshi Ariga panel.