GUIDE: Street Fighter Graphic Novels

UDON’s Street Fighter comics have been available in a few different formats over the years, and we understand that it might be tough to keep track of how they all fit together. With that in mind, UDON is happy to present the chronological timeline of all our Street Fighter graphic novels.

SF Timeline

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Street Fighter Origins: Akuma (side story)
Street Fighter Legends: Chun-li (side story)
Street Fighter Classic Vol.1 (main story)
Street Fighter Classic Vol.2 (main story)
Street Fighter Legends: Sakura (side story)
Street Fighter Classic Vol.3 (main story)
Street Fighter IV (main story)
Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki (side story)
Super Street Fighter Vol.1 (main story)
Super Street Fighter Vol.2 (main story)



Street Fighter Origins: Akuma 
This original graphic novel explores the life of Akuma, and the events that put him on the path to becoming the dark hadou-obsessed master of the fist. This story digs deep into Street Fighter history with a cast featuring Goutetsu, Retsu, Lee, and of course, Akuma’s brother Gouken.


Street Fighter Legends: Chun-li 
Collecting Street Fighter Legends: Chun-li #1-4, this prequel story features a young Chun-li taking down criminals as part of the Hong Kong police force alongside her father and fellow officer Dorai. Dan, Gen, Sagat, and Fei Long all play a part in shaping the path of the strongest woman in the world.


Street Fighter Classic Vol.1
Street Fighter Classic Vol.2
These two volumes collect UDON’s first Street Fighter comics – Street Fighter #0-14 and Street Fighter II #0-6. It’s the foundation of the comic universe, where many classic characters meet for the first time, rivalries are formed, alliances forged, and the threat of Shadaloo becomes apparent. A few of the main focuses are Ryu’s quest to avenge Master Gouken and overcome the Dark Hadou, Chun-li and Guile’s search for the missing Charlie, and the origin of Cammy and the Dolls. These stories combine elements of both the Street Fighter II and Street Fighter Alpha era games. So, alongside classic SFII fighters like Ken, Dhalsim, Vega and Sagat, you’ll also find plenty of Alpha cast like Sakura, Adon, Dan, Gen, and more.


Street Fighter Legends: Sakura
Collecting Street Fighter Legends Sakura #1-4, this side story takes place at the same time and Street Fighter Classic #2. In it Sakura butts heads with Karin Kazuki, Sakura’s self-proclaimed rival who is obsessed with proving her superiority. The story also features prominent appearance by Zangief, Rainbow Mika, Dan, E.Honda, and even some of Sakura’s pals from Rivals Schools.


Street Fighter Classic Vol.3
Collecting Street Fighter II Turbo #1-12, this volume features the Street Fighter II Tournament. In the comics version this competition also features characters from Street Fighter Alpha and even Street Fighter III vying for the top spot.


Street Fighter IV
Collecting Street Fighter IV #1-4, this adventure happens during the same time as the Street Fighter II Tournament in Street Fighter Classic Vol.3, and serves to introduce newcomers C.Viper, Abel, El Fuerte, Rufus, and Seth to the comic universe.


Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki
Collecting Street Fighter Legends Ibuki #1-4, this side story puts the spotlight on ninja schoolgirl Ibuki, and her struggle to balance her dual life as a teenager and a ninja. This was UDON’s first Street Fighter II-heavy project, also featuring Elena, Makoto and Oro.

SuperSF_vol1_previewCVR 201503_SuperStreetFighterVol2_HyperFighting

Super Street Fighter Vol.1
Super Street Fighter Vol.2
These original graphic novel bring the main story fully into the Street Fighter III era, with new villains Gill and the Secret Society causing trouble for the World Warriors. SFIII favorites like Alex, Yun & Yang, Sean, Necro, Twelve, and Urien join the fight, and first appearances are made by SFIV’s Juri and Hakkan. We also find out what several classic characters like Guile, Sakura, Cammy, and Ken are others are up to in the Street Fighter III era.