Hitoshi Ariga’s Mimimi

Mega Man Megamix manga creator and friend of UDON Hitoshi Ariga has a new Kindle eBook available from Amazon.com – Mimimi: The Tale of a Cat and a Robot

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From the man himself:
Hi! Ariga here.

I’m coming to you this time not with a new Mega Man, but with a completely original work of manga. It’s a little story about a cat, a robot, and the novels that brought them together.

The story takes place in a possibly distant future(?) but that’s not really important. It’s all about Mimimi, an intrepid and highly curious newspaper reporter, who follows his instincts to find the answers to his questions.

There are so many different fantasy worlds out there, and I wonder what you will think of this one.

I hope you will enjoy reading “Mimimi”!

Order your Kindle digital copy here from Amazon for only $2.99.

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