Makeshift Miracle Book One: The Girl From Nowhere (UDON 2012 in Review)

The Makeshift Miracle Book 1 cover

Makeshift Miracle Book One: The Girl From Nowhere

Have you experienced… a miracle? Colby Reynolds did, when a mysterious young girl named Iris literally crashes into his life, challenging his understanding of the world–and himself. Makeshift Miracle: The Girl From Nowhere is an epic fantasy adventure, wrapped in the enigma of who the mysterious ‘girl from nowhere’ really is, and the journey that she and Colby take together.

Written by Jim Zub and featuring digital watercolours by Shun Hong Chan, Makeshift Miracle is serialized two pages a week at, and this May was collected into a stunning high-quality hardcover graphic novel. Featuring durable library binding, a unique spot-gloss dust-jacket, and bonus sketches and material from artist Shun Hong Chan. Makeshift Miracle is a perfect read for manga fans, teen and adult readers, and dreamers of all shapes and sizes!

Check out the whole story online at, or read a preview!

Makeshift Miracle
By Jim Zub and Shun Hong Chan

Price (U.S.): $19.99

ISBN: 1-926778-47-2
ISBN-13: 978-1-926778-47-1
Diamond: FEB121167 

Format: Hardcover
Page Count: 120, Color
Size: 5.75″ wide X 8.25″ long

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