Mega Man manga preview

Fans have been very patient waiting for the next volumes of their favorite Mega Man mangas. Well their patience pays of this September, with both MEGA MAN MEGAMIX Vol.2 and MEGA MAN ZX Vol.2 arriving in comic stores Sept 8th, 2010. Check out previews of both below!

by Hitoshi Ariga
Megamix02_cover Megamix02_prev1 Megamix02_prev2 Megamix02_prev3 Megamix02_prev4 Megamix02_prev5 Megamix02_prev6

MEGA MAN ZX Vol.2 (of 2)
by Shin Ogino
mmzx2_cover mmzx2_prev1 mmzx2_prev2 mmzx2_prev3

And in other Mega Man manga news… during the recent Best and Worst Manga Panel at San Diego Comic-con 2010, MEGA MAN MEGAMIX Vol.1 was called out as one of the Top 10 teen/all-ages manga of the year! Huzzah!