Mega Man Robot Master Field Guide (UDON 2012 In Review)

(Hi UDON fans! This year we released a record 24 new books, including art books, graphic novels, and manga, and we wanted give them one last chance to shine before heading boldly into 2013! So here’s our publishing year in review, book-by-book with previews and more! – The UDON crew!)


Mega Man Robot Master Field Guide

After many, many, many delays, 2012 saw UDON release Mega Man Robot Master Field Guide,an original UDON guide to the classic Mega Man Universe. Cataloging every Robot Master and major Classic series character from Mega Man to Mega Man 10 (including a few surprises), this is the guide for fans of the Blue Bomber!

The release of this book at PAX East 2012 caused a sensation, and despite shipping a LOT of books we still sold out by Saturday afternoon! In fact, it sold out at every one of our convention appearances this year, and as soon as any die-hard Mega Man Fan sees it, they can’t leave without it.

When the book was released, we asked a few of the folks involved in its production to say a few words about it. Here’s what they had to say:

UDON Entertainment’s Managing Editor Matt Moylan, one of the people who came up with the idea for this project:

“The Robot Master Field Guide turned out wonderfully, largely due to the hard work of the whole team of people that worked on it. The book is a great resource for the classic Mega Man universe and its characters.  I’m also especially glad that we finally get to showcase the Mega Man 9 & 10 characters that were not yet around when the Mega Man Official Complete Works book was originally created.”

Next, the book’s writers, David and Nadia Oxford of The Mega Man Network (, wanted to say a few words about their experiences with the project:

“Writing the Robot Master Field Guide was a lot of fun to do, and a great opportunity — how often does one get to say they wrote the book on Mega Man, literally? Of course, the project wouldn’t have been nearly as good without the art, layouts, and other contributions from the original Japanese artists and the UDON team (to say nothing of their being open to suggestions!). After all this time, we hope everyone enjoys it!”

Finally, Associate Editor Ash Paulsen was eager to talk about the blue bomber:

“I’m incredibly proud of the Robot Master Field Guide, and to finally see it come to fruition and hold it in my hands is an incredibly rewarding feeling.  As UDON’s Associate Editor, I have worked on a great deal of our projects and am proud of them all, but as a die-hard Mega Man fan, the Robot Master Field Guide holds a special place in my heart, as it was a true labor of love for me and everyone involved.  I’m honored to have taken part in this project’s creation, and hope my love for the Blue Bomber shines through in its pages.”

We were thrilled to bring this book into the world, and we’ve been thrilled at the response too.

If you’re one of the folks who hasn’t checked it out yet, there’s a 10 page preview below!

Price (U.S.): $13.99

ISBN: 1-926778-19-7
ISBN-13: 978-1-926778-19-8

Format: Softcover
Page Count: 144, Color
Size: 5.75″ wide X 8.25″ long

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