Megamix Vol.1 in stores!

Mega Man Megamix Vol.1 has just arrived in comic shops everywhere! Online retailers like amazon, and regular book stores will also have the book available any day now, but if you want the book ASAP head to your local comic shop.

Written and drawn by mangaka Hitoshi Ariga, the Megamix manga is a 3-volume series beloved for its stupendous artwork and exciting stories. Outside of Japan, Mega Man fans have dreamed of one day being able to enjoy these adventures… and now they finally can!

megamix_vol1 MM_Megamix01_pg1 MM_Megamix01_pg2 MM_Megamix01_pg3 MM_Megamix01_pg4 MM_Megamix01_pg5 MegamixVol1_IceManProfile MegamixVol1_QuickmanProfile