New manga series: Street Fighter Gaiden!

It’s time for more fast-flying Hadokens, jaw-breaking Cannon Spikes, and earth-shattering Sonic Booms as the gang at UDON brings you another never-before-translated STREET FIGHTER manga series straight from Japan! This November UDON returns to the most classic of all fighting game eras with STREET FIGHTER GAIDEN, a 2-volume manga series featuring the classic cast of Street Fighter  II!

StreetFighterGaiden01_cvr StreetFighterGaiden01_pg1 StreetFighterGaiden01_pg2 StreetFighterGaiden01_pg3

Written and drawn by Mami Itou (Darkstalkers/Red Earth, ROBOT, Pilgrim Jäger),  Street Fighter Gaiden spotlights the World Warriors’ adventures outside the tournament scene. The series is made up of short stories each devoted to a classic Street Fighter character. Fan-favorites like Ryu, Ken, Chun-li, and Guile each get their due, as do many other skilled fighters. Cammy teams up with Delta Red against the narcisitic Vega, T. Hawk has a desert showdown with Balrog, Fei-Long teaches everyone what it truly means to be a martial artist, and Ryu & Ken face off together against their deadliest rival – Akuma!

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Street Fighter Gaiden Vol.1 goes on sales at comic shops and book stores everywhere November 24, 2010. Street Fighter Gaiden Vol.2 will follow in January 2011.

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