Now Available: Takehito Harada Art Works 1 (10 page preview)

TakehitoHaradaArtWorks1_CoverHey UDON Fans! We’re excited to announce that now available in stores is our newest art book release, Takehito Harada: Art Works 1! This is our second great art book collected illustrations and designs from the Disgaea video game series, following-up on the fall 2012 release of DISGAEArt!!!: Disgaea Official Illustration Collection. 

This new collection features hundreds of illustrations by Takehito Harada, lead character designer of the Disgaea series! And sure, this volume collects illustrations from Harada-sensei’s work on all four of the Disgaea titles, but it also includes never-before-seen illustrations from magazines, strategy guides, CD covers, goods illustrations, and much more! And speaking of more, Takehito Harada Art Works also contains more than just Harada-sensei’s Disgaea work–it also includes illustrations from Prinny 1 & 2, Makai Kingdom, and Phantom Brave!

Need more to convince you? How about this:


Takehito Harada: Art Works 1 – Page 2 Preview

That’s right! Almost every illustration in the book includes the rough sketches and process drawings that show you how Harada-sensei ‘built’ his illustration… from the pencils up! We know that art book fans love the peeks behind-the-scenes just as much as they love the lush finished art work, and Takehito Harada: Art Works delivers on that! Every image in the book explore’s the artist’s creative process, making it invaluable for artists and illustrators who want to achieve those same looks and styles!

Finally, the book concludes with 10 pages (!) of commentary by Harada-sensei, as he talks about every illustration in the book! Everything from the emotion or style he was trying to convey to funny anecdotes about the illustrations’ creation!

Whether you’re a die-hard Disgaea fan, an aspiring artist or digital painter, or just a fan of great art books, we think you’re going to love Takehito Harada: Art Works 1. It’s now available in better comic and book stores everywhere!

Check out the 10 page preview of this book below!

Takehito Harada: Art Works

Featuring the works of video game artist extraordinaire Takehito Harada, lead character designer of the hit Disgaea RPG series! Takehito Harada Art Works covers the artist’s work on all four Disgaea titles, as well as Prinny 1 & 2, Makai Kingdom, and Phantom Brave. Inside you’ll find game covers, rare promotional art, rough layouts, creator commentary, and a detailed look at Takehito Harada’s creative process.

Release date: Available Now!
Price (U.S.): $39.99

ISBN: 1-926778-67-7
ISBN-13: 978-1-926778-67-9
Diamond: JAN131297

Format: Softcover
Page Count: 208, Color
Size: 8.25? x 11.75?

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