Omar Dogan’s Girl Seven (UDON 2012 In Review)


Omar Dogan’s Girl Seven

Featuring over a hundred new drawings by Omar Dogan, Girl Seven is a collection of all new pinup illustrations created just for this project! Through rough sketches, full-colour illustrations, character profiles and creator commentary Dogan walks fans through four seasons in the life of these very unique girls!

Hardcore UDON fans don’t need any introduction to artist Omar Dogan, but for the uninitiated Dogan has been a part of the company since day one, and he’s an amazing talent! Having contributed art to numerous comics and illustration projects including Iron Man, Vampi, and Robotech, Dogan’s masterwork is his phenomenal art (penciling, inking, and digital painting) for the entirety of the fantastic Street Fighter Legends series!

“The quality and amount of work that went into Girl Seven is a statement to Omar’s craftsmanship, consistency and passion for his work- ideals that I myself hope to achieve one day.”

– ARNOLD TSANG, Lead Character Concept Artist, Blizzard Entertainment

Omar Dogan’s Girl Seven has been one of our best-selling convention books of 2012. Once fans get their hands on these gorgeous pinup girls, they don’t wanna let them go. Check out an extensive preview below for yourself!

Omar Dogan’s Girl Seven

ISBN: 1-926778-39-1
ISBN-13: 978-1-926778-39-6
Diamond: OCT111236

Format: Softcover
Page Count: 176, Color
Size: 8.25″ wide X 11.75″ long

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(Hi UDON fans! This year we released a record 24 new books, including art books, graphic novels, and manga, and we wanted give them one last chance to shine before heading boldly into 2013! So here’s our publishing year in review, book-by-book with previews and more! – The UDON crew!)