PAX PRIME 2017 – exclusive debuts and more

UDON will be back at PAX Prime in Seattle this year on September 1-4th, 2017 at the Washington State Convention Center!

This year, UDON will be on the 6th floor at booth number 6305!


This year, UDON Collectibles is proud to debut the next wave of collectible pins at this show! Here’s a breakdown of what we’ll have at the show:

If you were at San Diego Comic Con this year, you saw the great reception we had of the Monster Hunter Weapon Class Badge pin sets.  At PAX, we’ll be debuting the final 6 badges to finish the collection!  These weapon class badge pins are made of high quality cloisonné hard enamel that is highly durable. Each weapon icon is faithfully recreated along with a textured base and gel that fills in the background giving each badge a jewel-like finish for these iconic weapons badges that you can show off your love for your favorite weapon class in Monster Hunter!
Two new sets of 3 pins will be introduced at PAX – BLUNT WEAPONS set will include the fan-favorite Hammer, Lance and the Gun Lance, while ASSIST WEAPONS set will finish the series with the Hunting Horn, the Bow, and the Insect Glaive!
Each of these is priced at $20 for a set of 3 pins.  A limited stock of the first two sets HEAVY(Great Sword, Heavy Bow Gun, Switch Axe, Charge Blade)  and LIGHT(Sword & Shield, Light Bowgun, Dual Blades, Long Sword) weapons will also be available at the show for $25 for each set of 4 pins.
We’re excited to finally give OKAMI the collectors pin treatment!  UDON Collectibles will be debuting two collectors pins based on the OKAMI game series!
First in the series is the OKAMI collector’s logo pin!  This pin is specially designed with special sculpting, texturing, and red crystal enamel filling to give the sun on the logo a shimmering 3D effect you have never seen in other pins!!
The second in the OKAMI series features fan favorite Amaterasu in the celestial wolf form!  The fire on this pin is filled with red crystal enamel, matching the logo pin!
Each pin is priced at $15, or you can get the set of 2 for $25 (a $5 savings)!
Debuting at PAX, we will be hosting the PERSONA 4 TEDDIE PIN LUCKY DRAW!  The beloved PERSONA 4 character is immortalized in this 1.75 inch collectors pin form, with 5 different expressions you can collect.  The expressions you can collect are: Normal (1/3 chance), Cute (1/5 chance), WOW (1/6 chance), Angry (1/8 chance) and the super rare Shadow Teddie (1/12 chance!!).  Limited quantities available for the show, so once we sell out, that’s it.  Who is going to be the lucky fan to collect all 5 Teddie pins?  $10 per draw!
Also available at the show, in very limited quantities –
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STREET FIGHTER CHARACTER SELECT PINS MYSTERY BOX, 16 characters to collect plus the ultra rare Akuma pin!

We also managed to save a limited quantity of our Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Metal Card Sets as well as the exclusive foil T-shirts that we debuted at Anime Expo and San Diego Comic Con.
SUPER STREET FIGHTER II – THE FOUR KINGS METAL CARDS SET, includes 4 silver metal collector’s cards mounted on a beautiful gloss, foil and embossed backing card. The set contain 4 cards: Balrog, Vega, Sagat and M. Bison!
ULTRA STREET FIGHTER 2 – THE FINAL CHALLENGERS METAL CARDS SET, includes 2 gold metal collector’s cards mounted on a beautiful gloss, foil and embossed backing card. The set contains 2 cards: Evil Ryu and Violent Ken!
ULTRA STREET FIGHTER 2 – THE FINAL CHALLENGERS Gold Foil Tshirt, very limited quantities, grab your sizes before their gone.
MEGAMAN XRAY Silver Foil Tshirt, very limited quantities, grab them before they’re gone.
We’ll also have limited quantities of our popular 30th anniversary Street Fighter 2 Quote series shirts for Guile “Go home and be a family man!” and Chun Li “I’m the strongest woman in the world!”
We’ll also have a small assortment of comics and art books as well.
And last but not least, every year, our talented artists at UDON Entertainment will be on hand to do sketch commissions for you. UDON Artist Long Vo, Jeffrey “The Chamba” Cruz, and Edwin Huang will be at the show all weekend signing and sketching for the fans! Come and get on their sketch lists before they fill up!
See you at PAX!