Pre-Order: Monster Hunter Illustrations 2 (9 Pg Preview)

Monster Hunter Illustrations 2

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Monster Hunter Illustrations is back with a new mammoth-sized 400 page artwork collection! Monster Hunter Illustrations 2 covers all the third generation Monster Hunter games including Monster Hunter Tri 3 & 3G, and Monster Hunter Portable 2nd & 3rd. Included in this collection are creature designs, character designs, armor, weapons, and tons of rough sketches!

For hardcore fans, this book collects both the B&W and Colour Monster Hunter Illustrations 2 books into one mammoth book! It completely translates every aspect of these books into English, including hand-written notes from the artists and designers. Check out a review of the Japanese version here, and know that our version will be even more awesome.

UDON’s first Monster Hunter Illustrations collection sold out in record time, and has recently been reprinted to accommodate demand! Don’t miss out on Monster Hunter Illustrations 2! 

Monster Hunter Illustrations coverPlus! We recently reprinted the original, sold-out Monster Hunter Illustrations book! Get your copy RIGHT NOW!

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Release Date: October/November 2013
Price: $39.99
ISBN-10: 192677888X
ISBN-13: 978-1926778884
Page Count: 400 Pages, Colour
Size: 11.5″ x 8″