Hatsune Miku Graphics: Vocaloid Comic & Art Volume 1 (9 Page Preview!)


Hatsune Miku Graphics: Vocaloid Comic & Art Volume 1

UDON continues to bring the inspiring and sensational world of Hatsune Miku and the Vocaloids to North America with its newest release, Hatsune Miku Graphics: Vocaloid Comic & Art Volume 1.This brand-new English-language release will be available in comic book stores everywhere starting Wednesday March 19th, and in bookstores and from online sellers soon afterwards!  An amazing compendium of official and tribute artworks featuring Miku, Rin, Len, Luka, Kaito, and more, Comic & Art Volume 1 also features a few surprises and firsts!

HatsuneMiku Vocaloid Art&ComicVOL1_interiors-28Hatsune Miku Graphics: Vocaloid Comic & Art Volume 1 collects the official and tribute artworks that Vocaloid fans–and fans of beautiful art in general–have come to love! But for the first time ever, Hatsune Miku’s original manga and comic adventures have been translated and brought to English! That’s right, this volume collects five unique styles of comics and manga stories featuring Miku and friends, in addition to more than a hundred full-colour Miku illustrations!

Comics and manga in this volume:

– “Hachune Miku” super-deformed 4-koma (4 panel) comic strips by Ontama, presented in full color!
– “Miku’s Yonkoma” super deformed 4-koma comic strips by Torikara, presented in full color!
– “Torabotic World” fantasy adventure manga by Nagimiso, based on the Vocaloid song by composer Toraboruta-P!
– “May Be Family” comedy/drama manga by Nagian, an amazing story about family, with a cute kid version of Miku!
– Good Morning Emma Sympson” manga by Batako, about the feelings and dreams of Vocaloid music composers!

North American comic and manga fans who have dreamed of seeing Miku’s songs brought to the printed page will be thrilled with these brilliant, touching, and occasionally hilarious stories by incredibly talented manga artists! These sequential stories mark Miku’s first official English-language comic adventures, and comics and manga fans won’t want to miss this important debut!

But wait, there’s more!

HatsuneMiku Vocaloid Art&ComicVOL1_interiors-30This volume is also the ultimate fanbook for Vocaloids! It’s an amazing archive of rare and behind-the-scenes artwork from across the entire phenomenon of Hatsune Miku and the Vocaloids! Check out what you can find in Hatsune Miku Graphics: Vocaloid Comic & Art Volume 1:

– Character Vocal Series Official Visuals!  Featuring the official character designs for Miku, Rin, Len, and Luka from Miku illustrator Kei!
– ‘Project Diva’ 3d character models, alt costumes, and more!
– Special ‘tribute’ section featuring top manga and light novel illustrators
– Vocaloid Video! Profiles of the most popular vocaloid music videos!
– CD and DVD Visual Chronicle! A selection of great art from the Vocaloid CD & DVD releases!
– The same amazing metallic foil cover treatment as the other books in UDON’s art-book line!

All of this, plus the amazing full colour pin-ups that fans have come to love and adore from UDON’s Hatsune Miku art book releases!

Vocaloid fans can find Hatsune Miku Graphics: Vocaloid Comic & Art Volume 1 at their local comic book stores beginning on March 19th, 2014! It will then become available through traditional book stores and online sellers over the following 2 weeks.

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Hatsune Miku Graphics: Vocaloid Comic & Art Volume 1
Release date: March 19 (Comic Stores) Late March/Early April (Book Stores)
Price (U.S.): $34.99

ISBN: 1-926778-82-0
ISBN-13: 978-1-926778-82-2
Format: Softcover, Metallic Foil Cover
Page Count: 128, Partial Color (96 pages)
Size: 8.25″ x 11.75″

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