Previews: Ibuki #3 & Darkstalkers #3

This coming Wednesday, July 21 it’s a double dose of UDON, with the release of Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki #3 (of 4), and Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors #3 (of 3).

In Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki #3, Ibuki faces her final ninja test – to do battle with the mystical hermit Oro! Does she even stand a chance against one of the greatest martial artists of all time? Probably not… but Makoto and Elena will be there to cheer her on anyways! It’s all out ninja school girl action by writer Jim Zubkavich and artist Omar Dogan. Variant cover by Adam Warren!

Ibuki3_cvrb Ibuki3_prev1 Ibuki3_prev2 Ibuki3_prev3

In Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors #3, it’s the frightening conclusion to the ‘Night Warriors’ saga as Demitri, Morrigan, Donovan, and Pyron all collide in a final contest of power! The fates of both the planet Earth and the demon dimension of Makai hang in the balance… but will either realm survive the fury that the Darkstalkers unleash!? Written by Ken Siu-Chong, with art by Eric Vedder and Joe Vriens. Variant cover by Emily Warren!

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