PREVIEW: SF II Turbo #12

On sale Wednesday April 7th is Street Fighter II Turbo #12, the final chapter of the 12-issue Turbo maxi-series. All of UDON’s Street Fighter stories from the past 7 years have been leading to this moment…RYU vs AKUMA! Will Ryu succumb to the Dark Hadou? Will Gouken’s murder finally be avenged?

This special issue features 24 pages of shoto-fighting action, plus 2 linking covers by series artist Jeffrey Cruz! Don’t miss out!

SFIITurbo_12prev1 SFIITurbo_12prev2 SFIITurbo_12prev3 SFIITurbo_12prev4 SFIITurbo_12coverA SFIITurbo_12coverB