ShiftyLook is Live!

Early this morning, Namco-Bandai launched the full website for ShiftyLook, their new endeavour to revive the buried treasures of their video game catalog in a format for the new millenium: the web comic! UDON Entertainment is on board for the opening day, with feature strips from our first two series for the project – Sky Kid (by Jim Zub and Jeff “Chamba” Cruz) and Bravoman (by Matt Moylan and Dax Gordine)!


Sky Kid will update with new strips on Wednesdays and Sundays, with Bravoman dishing up new adventures on Tuesdays and Saturdays. That’s four times a week you can enjoy new comics from the UDON creative team!

(and if that’s still not enough, you should subscribe to our UdonCrew deviantART page for even more artwork…)

But wait! There’s more! UDON Creative is continuing to work with Namco-Bandai to blow the dust off other beloved old games and bring them back to life for the web comic age!

Want to know what’s coming next? We’ll be appearing at the ShiftyLook panel at Wondercon, 2:30 pm on Sat, March 17 in Room 208, to announce our next currently-super-secret collaboration. UDON’s Matt Moyaln, Jim Zub and Dax Gordine will be on hand to answer questions and spill the beans about the process of re-imagining these classic games. And there’s another panel to discuss even *more* cool stuff at PAX East in April, details TBA.

Stay tuned for more news, and stay shifty!