Shining Hearts: Collection of Visual Materials (UDON 2012 Year in Review)

Shining Hearts Cover

Shining Hearts: Collection of Visual Materials

shining_hearts_preview_026Featuring the art of Tony Taka!

Shining Hearts: Collection of Visual Materials gathers the beautiful artwork from the third installment in the ‘Shining’ spin-off series. The book includes full-page pinups, character designs, development sketches, item and monster artworks, location images, and multiple interviews with the creators behind the SEGA video game including Production Designer Toshinobu Kondo, Producer Tsuyoshi Sawada, and character designer Tony! Secrets of the ‘Shining’ series are revealed…!

If you’re not a hardcore fan of this game or series, you might not know that this unique RPG title features the sexy and sumptuous leads… baking bread! As described in the introduction to the book, “…hearts can be healed by the power of delicious bread. Rejuvenating ourselves with delicious food is something that we unconsciously do in real life, on a daily basis. Resolving problems with delicious bread… makes sense.”

Shining Hearts: Collection of Visual Materials

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