Tony’s Artworks from Shining World – in stores now!

For the first time in North America, fans can enjoy the stunning designs and illustrations from Sega’s Shining World games in an all-new art book from UDON Entertainment. Featuring the work of renowned Japanese pinup artist Tony Taka, TONY’S ARTWORKS FROM SHINING WORLD collects the official artworks from Shining Tears and Shining Wind in over 200 full-color pages.

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Although only Shining Tears has seen an English release, the Shining World games are familiar to North American fans through a variety of media. They are the modern continuation of Sega’s cult classic Shining Force video games, one of their leading role-playing game series. They were also the inspiration behind the 13-episode anime series, Shining Tears X Wind, and the focus of a popular anime statue line by Kotobukiya, which based their designs on Tony Taka’s artwork as featured in this collection.

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Even fans who are unfamiliar with the video game will be drawn in by the lush color and gorgeous illustrations of this art book. The book features over 200 pages of gorgeous full page pinups and character designs, plus multiple interviews with the master himself, Tony Taka.


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