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Hi there! My name is Chris Butcher, I’m the Marketing Director for UDON Entertainment.

While we’re already prrrrretty plugged into to all of you folks on the social media, what with our website here, our Twitter feed, and our Facebook Fan page, sometimes you just want all of the latest UDON news sent directly to you via e-mail! So we’ve decided that beginning in June, UDON will be producing a monthly newsletter to keep you 100% up-to-date with all of the good stuff that we’re doing! Sign up at

The newsletter will run down our new-releases, include license announcements and convention appearances, and much more! We’re also creating a separate list for members of the press who would like to receive our newsletter as well as our press releases sent direct to them (the same info that’s posted here on the blog).

So if you’re an UDON fan, or a member of the press who wants to get updates on UDON’s original comics, artbooks, manga, and more, please head over to and sign up for the UDON mailing list! The first newsletter will go out the first week of June.


– Chris, UDON

Akuma from Marvel vs. Capcom 3 © 2012 Capcom