Slightly delayed shipping on 2013 Convention exclusives.


Hey UDON fans! We’ve got some bad news and some good news about this year’s SDCC Exclusive Editions that were subsequently offered for sale at

The bad news is: There was a shipping delay getting the full order of books from Hong Kong to our warehouse in Ohio, where we do order fulfillment. We usually airship in copies of the books for San Diego (which is VERY expensive!) and ship the remaining quantity via standard means. While we had shipped them with plenty of time to spare in order to make the August 25th shipping date, a delay at the port in Los Angeles meant that the books did not arrive until today.

The good news is: We JUST got the books! 3 Palettes of books have arrived at our warehouse, containing MM25, World of Warcraft Tribute, Street Fighter Origins: Akuma, and more! The shipment is being broken down now, and orders will begin shipping as soon as we can, within the next few days.

The other bad news is:¬†PAX. Unfortunately, there is no way we can get quantities of these books in time for PAX without truly ridiculous costs in shipping. We make heavy books, and shipping heavy books overnight to convention centers and/or hotels? It costs almost as much as the book. We just can’t do it. This means that none of the 2013 Convention Exclusives will be available at PAX this year. We are really sorry about this.

So! To recap:

1) We’re really very sorry about this, it was out of our hands.

2) Orders will begin shipping in the next few days.

3) We will not have any of our 2013 Convention Exclusives at PAX. We’ll have a complete list of PAX titles later today.

Thanks for your understanding, and for your support.

– Chris Butcher, UDON