STEINS;GATE manga volume 3 in-stores now

In news that is sure to come as a relief to cell phones and microwaves the world over, UDON Entertainment is pleased to announce that Steins;Gate Vol. 3 is on shelves NOW at your favorite local comic retailer, with a wide release coming on April 27th! That’s right, Steins;Gate fans: there’s no need to travel through time to get your hands on this hotly anticipated volume, as it’s already here!

Based on the wildly popular visual novel and anime, Steins;Gate has quickly become one of UDON’s best-selling manga series, with the first volume already on its second printing! In Steins;Gate Vol. 3, the members of the Future Gadgets Team have utilized their time machine to change the past, only to be faced with unexpectedly disastrous consequences. There just may be a way to undo all the damage that has been done and fix the timeline – but sacrifices will have to be made. How far is Okarin willing to go to save everyone he cares about? Find out in the thrilling final volume of UDON’s first Steins;Gate manga series!

Steins;Gate Vol. 3 is available now at your local comic book store, and will be in stock at various physical and online retailers on April 27th. Media inquiries and/or requests for review copies should be directed to Jenny Myung at

ISBN: 978-1927925713
DETAILS: 178pg, 5.75×8.25″, B&W, Manga
MSRP: $12.99 USD

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