Street Fighter Comics Online

Over the next two weeks we’ll be focusing a bit more on some of the announcements made at our SDCC 2012 panel, giving you added insight into UDON’s big 2012/2013 plans.

Tying in with Street Fighter’s 25th Anniversary, UDON has finally unveiled plans for new Street Fighter graphic novels! Supplementing and enhancing that, we’re very proud to announce the first step of our Street Fighter digital comic initiative:

Street Fighter Comics Online is a brand new website serializing our older Street Fighter comics, with a new comic page posted every weekday. If you’ve never experienced these stories before, or you’re a fan who hasn’t read them in awhile, it’s the perfect way to get on board the story and share it with others. Week by week you’ll read as the Street Fighter saga unfolds with dozens of colorful characters and loads of incredible action.

Once your palette has been whetted with these classic tales of the World Warriors, you’ll be well primed for our brand new Street Fighter graphic novels that arrive in bookstores and comic shops later this Fall.

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