Street Fighter IV #4 preview

*Note – to all patient SF comic fans: Unfortuantely there was a mistake made in shipping our latest comic from our printer, which will delay the relase of Street Fighter II Turbo#9 one week until Nov 4th, 2009. We apologize for the delay. But on the bright side, you’ll be getting another SF comic the very next week!

Street Fighter IV #4, the final chapter of our four-issue SFIV miniseries, goes on sale November 11th! This issue features the epic matchup Seth VS Akuma, plus appearances by Sakura, Dan, C.Viper, Abel, El Fuerte, and more! Also, the issue will feature the first in-story appearance of one of the all-new characters for Super Street Fighter IV(heck, they game won’t even be out until Spring 2010!). So don’t miss it!

SFIV04_pg1 SFIV04_pg2 SFIV04_pg3 SFIV04_pg4