Street Fighter Legends on Comixology!

New this week on Comixology is the bundled collection for Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki! Now you can own all three Street Fighter Legends volumes for your digital devices and have them to read wherever and whenever you want!

All Ibuki wants is a normal Japanese high school experience, but her secret ninja life follows her everywhere she goes! With deadly ninja assassins, a crazy karate girl named Makoto, and the mysterious hermit Oro all on her case, she’ll be lucky if she even makes it to lunch hour in one piece! Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki is one part ninja action, one part high school antics, and 100% nonstop excitement! Features the talents of UDON’s Jim Zub (writer) and Omar Dogan (artist), along with special guest contributions from Jo Chen, Adam Warren and more!

While you’re at it, be sure to check out the rest of the STREET FIGHTER LEGENDS volumes! Volume 1 features everyone’s favorite kick-ass schoolgirl Sakura taking on a range of Street Fighter veterans, including E. Honda, Zangief, Rainbow Mika, Karin, and the legendary Dan Hibiki! Volume 2 showcases the strongest woman in the world, Chun-Li, in an epic conflict with the evil organization Shadaloo! The full range of UDON digital titles can be found on Comixology — make sure you don’t miss out!