Street Fighter & Street Fighter II Ultimate Editions in stores!

Looking for somewhere to spend that holiday money your Grandma gave you? Look no further than the new printing of Street Fighter: The Ultimate Edition, and the all-new Street Fighter II: The Ultimate Edition, just arrived in comic shops everywhere!

Each of these 450 page volumes collects all the artwork from the main Street Fighter story in a gorgeous oversized format that shows off every detail of the action! Also included are bonus stories, comedy strips and variant covers. Together these two epic volumes tell the complete main Street Fighter story, from Ryu’s scarring of Sagat and the origin of Cammy, to M.Bisons’ Street Fighter II Tournament and Ryu’s final battle with Akuma!


– collects Street Fighter #0-14, including all backup stories & covers.
– plus bonus stories from Newtype Magazine and the Capcom Summer Special, and “Cheap Shots” comedy strips.
– this new printing features a new Dark Ryu cover!
– featuring the art of Alvin Lee, Arnold Tsang, Long Vo, and Omar Dogan!
– guest stories by Joe Madureira, Adam Warren, Hyung-Tae Kim, and more!

- order Street Fighter: The Ultimate Edition from!

SFultedition_CVR SFultedition_pg1 SFultedition_pg2 SFultedition_pg3


– collects Street Fighter II #0-6, including all backup stories & covers, and comedy strips.
– collects the main story from Street Fighter II Turbo #1-12, plus the Turbo prelude story from Street Fighter Remix #0
– featuring the art of Alvin Lee and  Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz!
– guest stories by Skottie Young, Arnold Tsang, Chris Stevens, and more!

- order Street Fighter II: The Ultimate Edition from!

SFIIultedition_CVR SFIIultedition_pg1 SFIIultedition_pg2 SFIIultedition_pg3