Street Fighter: World Warrior Encyclopedia

Enter the video game world of Street Fighter ®, where fighters of every size, shape and color collide in a global battle for supremacy! Combatants fight for reasons as diverse as their nationalities, each with their own unique moves and fighting styles. This June, gamers can get the full story behind the world’s greatest martial artists in the Street Fighter: World Warrior Encyclopedia!

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Inside you will find detailed profiles of every Street Fighter character from Abel to Zangief, including their histories, strengths, friends, enemies, and more! Ever wonder how Sagat lost his eye? Where did Ryu get his famous red headband? How does Crimson Viper’s battle-suit work?  Is Ken really a natural blonde? You’ll get the answers to these and many more questions in this, the ultimate guide to the Street Fighter universe.

Each profile is accompanied by the pulse-pounding artwork of UDON artists like Alvin Lee, Jo Chen, Arnold Tsang, Jeffrey Cruz, Joe Ng, Gonzalo Ordonez, Omar Dogan and more. The artwork includes some of UDON’s best pieces from the past, plus many all-new pieces created just for this volume.

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Whether you’re a newcomer just learning about the Street Fighter cast, or a long time player looking to catch up with your favorite fighters, the Street Fighter: World Warrior Encyclopedia is the only guide for you! Look for it June 2010 in comic shops and book stores.

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