StreetFighter_#06_sm-1Hi folks!

In response to all of the questions we’ve been getting, we just thought we’d let you know that the weekday updates for are on hold for a little while. We’re in the process of switching server hosts and redesigning the site to make it easier to view/read the comics.

In the interim, as we’ve been mentioning here, UDON’s comics are now available for digital download at ComiXology. If you’ve been loving the free comics we’ve been giving away, we hope you’ll consider supporting us by buying a few issues.

Currently available from UDON at Comixology:

Street Fighter #0-14 (link)
Street Fighter II #0-2 (updating weekly) (link)
Super Street Fighter Volume 1 (link)
Street Fighter Origins: Akuma (link)


Darkstalkers #0-2 (updating weekly) (link)
Captain Commando Volume 1-2 (link)
Makeshift Miracle #1-6 (link)

Thanks for reading, and we hope to get the new and improved up and running soon!

– Chris, UDON