The Miracle Continues! Makeshift Miracle Book 2 begins!


After a short absence from your weekly webcomic reading habits, Jim Zub, Shun Hong Chan, and UDON are proud to present the triumphant return of MAKESHIFT MIRACLE, now appearing at

Makeshift Miracle is the story of Colby, a teenager whose world is forever changed when a girl named Iris crashes from the sky and into his life. The beginning of an epic quest, discovering strange new worlds and the even more mysterious link that these two young people share…

The Makeshift Miracle Book 1 coverWritten by Jim Zub and illustrated by Shun Hong Chan, MAKESHIFT MIRACLE is serialized online on Mondays and Fridays, and the first six chapters were collected in a handsome hardcover edition in 2012 as Makeshift Miracle Book One: The Girl From Nowhere. Now, after a short hiatus, Makeshift Miracle Chapter 7 has begun… and the first six chapters are still online for your reading pleasure! Head to to take in the whole story!

As a special treat (as if free webcomics twice a week weren’t enough!), we’re giving fans a special sneak-peak at this amazing series: a brand new computer wallpaper! Created from a majestic two-page-spread featuring a mysterious airship, an approaching storm, and a peak at the future of this serial, two versions of this wallpaper are now online at the UDON Facebook Page, in our photos section! All you have to do to get it is click “Like”!

So remember, read Makeshift Miracle every Monday and Friday at You can add it to your feed reader, see the updates on the UDON site, or just remember to visit.

…and of course, feel free to pick up Makeshift Miracle Book One: The Girl From Nowhere, wherever finer graphic novels are sold. You can find out where to pick up a copy here.