UDON 2013 Convention Exclusives Available For Pre-Order Online August 1st at Noon


Due to overwhelming fan-demand, UDON Entertainment will be making their 2013 Convention Exclusive Books available for pre-order at UDONSTORE.com beginning Thursday, August 1st, at 12PM (noon) EST. This will include all 6 Exclusives which were recently available at San Diego Comic-Con, available individually or in a value-priced bundle. All books will begin shipping on-or-about August 25th, 2013.

Please note that copies of all of these books will also be available from the UDON booth at PAX Prime in Seattle, WA, August 31st – September 3rd, if you would prefer to purchase them in person rather than online. Unfortunately, UDON cannot hold orders at PAX for items ordered online!

Convention Exclusive Books:

SDCC2013_UDON_BRSLIPThe Art of Brutal Legend: Heavy Metal Slipcase Edition: $79.99
This stunning tome of concept art and design work from the Double Fine Studios game Brutal Legend is guaranteed to blow art book fans away! Limited Edition features an exclusive heavy-duty silver metallic slip case, perfect to protect this collectible item no matter how much head-banging it inspires! Standard Edition In-Stores Now

IMG_4894MM25: Mega Man & Mega Man X Official Complete Works: Deluxe Blue Laser Foil Hardcover: $99.99
Weighing in at over 400 pages, this book captures the art and design behind every iteration of the classic Mega Man and Mega Man X characters, including character art, concept sketches, game covers, rare pinups, over 100 pages of material never-before-published in English! Limited edition hardcover features a beautiful deluxe blue laser foil dust jacket, and amazing hard-cover production with awesome “schematic” design. Standard edition in stores September 2013

SDCC_Akuma_01Street Fighter Origins: Akuma VS. Special Edition $39.99
The long-awaited origin story of the most terrifying fighter in the world! Featuring story by Chris Sarracini and art by Joe Ng, this original graphic novel mixes a surprising and intense coming-of-age story with the all-out action that Street Fighter fans love! Exclusive “VS.” edition, featuring an awesome Akuma vs. Gouken dust jacket painting by James Ghio, with a bonus “Sakura on the beach” image on the reverse by Arnold Tsang! Standard edition in stores August 2013

SDCC_SFClassic_01Street Fighter Classic Volume 1: VS. Special Edition: $59.99
Collects material from the first 10 issues of UDON’s Street Fighter series, in this brand new oversized hard cover edition! Featuring amazing printing, great binding, and a brand new trim-size to match up on your shelves with our new Origins and Super Street Fighter graphic novels! Limited edition features brand-new Ryu vs. Sagat dust jacket illustration by James Ghio, with hidden “Chun-li on the Beach” image inside by Arnold Tsang! Standard edition in stores August 2013

SDCC_SuperSF_01Super Street Fighter Volume 1: New Generations: VS. Special Edition: $39.99
Super Street Fighter moves the timeline forward to the fan-favorite Street Fighter III era, but, with all of the popular Street Fighter IV characters included for the first time! Exclusive to Comic-Con International, this limited edition features a brand new Guile vs. Juri dust jacket illustration by James Ghio, with hidden “Juri on the Beach” image inside by Arnold Tsang! Standard edition in stores now.

wow_World of Warcraft Tribute Limited Edition Hard Cover: $99.99
UDON Entertainment’s new World of Warcraft Tribute artbook pays homage to Blizzard’s popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with fantastic artwork from an international selection of artists! The hardcover edition features a great hardcover binding, gold foil stamping, and stunning exclusive artwork by Blizzard’s own Arnold Tsang! Standard edition in stores September 2013.

While UDON does not guarantee that convention exclusives will be available outside of shows, in this specific instance the number of fans who had asked for our exclusive titles that weren’t able to make it to Comic-Con was pretty staggering! We were able to divert copies from our convention stock to be sold online to fans around the world!

So head to http://www.udonstore.com/ on Thursday, August 1st, at 12pm EST to place your pre-order for this year’s hottest game art books and graphic novels! Quantities on some items are VERY limited, so don’t miss out!