UDON and Legendary illustrator Tenjin to Collab at Comic-Con!

Renowned illustrator Hidetaka Tenjin and UDON Entertainment to celebrate new collaborative project at Comic-Con International: San Diego, July 20-24

May 31, 2022: UDON Entertainment is excited today to announce a brand new publishing collaboration with the legendary Japanese illustrator Hidetaka Tenjin, which will take place at San Diego Comic-Con, July 20-24th. The world-renowned illustrator will attend Comic-Con in person this year, as an honoured guest of the show with the support of CCI and UDON.

Hidetaka Tenjin (known to fans as simply Tenjin) is known throughout animation and collector circles for his beloved concept and box art. His iconic work has helped to define the look of Macross Zero and Macross Frontier, and he has created dazzling and intricate mecha-focused pieces for properties from Gundam to Star WarsHellsing to Star Blazers 2205, and many, many more.

“I was honored to be introduced to Tenjin-Sensei in 2012, and this year marks us being friends for 10 years!” said UDON Entertainment Chief Erik Ko. “We have always wanted to work together on a project, but due to many different circumstances, we have not been able to officially collaborate until now. This project is an exciting beginning for us, and we at UDON hope it is just the beginning!”

“This project marks my first overseas publication but it’s actually UDON Entertainment’s second attempt to bring my work to the rest of the world.” Says Tenjin. “The process has involved a lot of firsts for me personally, but thanks to Erik’s unwavering support our collaboration is starting to come together and I look forward to being able to reveal more details soon. “

The full nature of this publishing collaboration will be unveiled closer to Comic-Con, but fans of Hidetaka Tenjin’s work, and all mecha fans in anime & manga fandom, will absolutely not want to miss this! Look for further updates from UDON across social media @udonent.



Renowned for his detailed and realistic mechanical illustrations, Hidetaka Tenjin has worked on various facets of many mecha franchises, from model kit box art to video games and animation. Inspired by the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross, he has provided model kit illustrations for Hasegawa’s Macross line and Bandai Spirits’ Gundam and Star Wars lines. His work in anime includes mechanical art for Aquarion, Macross Zero, and Frontier, mechanical designs for Hellsing, MacrossΔ, Super Robot Wars T, Back Arrow, and Yasuke, and mechanical imagery and animation direction on Star Blazers 2205.

Hidetaka Tenjin will be a special guest of Comic-Con International: San Diego, July 20-24, 2022.

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