UDON at Fan Expo 2011

Fan Expo Canada

UDON does our very first dual-coast con weekend! In addition to PAX Prime in Seattle, we’re also set up at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto, August 25-28. Come visit us at Booth 115, near the main autograph area.

UDON artists Joe Ng (Street Fighter, Darkstalkers comics) and Omar Dogan (Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Robotech) will be at the booth throughout the show. We’ll also be selling a limited number of the hardcover convention exclusives for MEGA MAN TRIBUTE and STREET FIGHTER LEGENDS: THE ULTIMATE EDITION, which you can get signed at the booth!

MEGA MAN TRIBUTE hardcover edition features 300 artists’ renditions of the blue bomber, with an exclusive cover by manga creator Hitoshi Ariga! Also at the show is the 350-page STREET FIGHTER LEGENDS: THE ULTIMATE EDITION hardcover, collecting the complete Sakura, Chun-li and Ibuki comic series by Omar Dogan!

If you’re looking for something extra-special, we have a couple of the STREET FIGHTER ULTIMATE BOX SET on hand. These gorgeous two-volume slipcover editions of the complete Street Fighter comics storyline come packaged with special cover art by Alvin Lee and an original head sketch by one of the UDON artists.

Hope to see you there!