UDON at Fan Expo Canada This Weekend!

This weekend it’s our hometown convention at Fan Expo in Toronto, Canada’s biggest comic and entertainment exhibition!

BOOTH #4002

UDON Crew at the UDON Booth:
Jeff ‘Chamba’ Cruz (Street Fighter II Turbo)
Omar Dogan (Street Fighter Legends, Robotech)
Joe Ng (Street Fighter IV, Transformers)

Other UDON Staff at the UDON Booth:
Erik Ko (UDON Chief)
Jim Zubkavich (UDON Project Manager)
Matt Moylan (UDON Managing Editor)
Stacy King (UDON Marketing Manager)
Michelle Hayashi (UDON Japanese Liason)

Other UDON Artists at the Show:
Scott Hepburn (Darkstalkers, Star Wars) Table P41A
Alvin Lee (Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Deadpool, Agent-x) Table P20A
Eric Vedder (Street Fighter, Darkstalkers) Table P42A
Joe Vriens (Darkstalkers, Marvel VS Capcom, Thundercats) Table P42B

Special Books at the show:
VENT: The UDON 10th Anniversary Art Book
UDON’s Art of Capcom 2
The Art of Darksiders

We’ll also have copies of the Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki #1 Con Exclusive cover and lots of other art books and stuff to check out.

SUNDAY 4:00pm – Q&A With Hitoshi Ariga (artist of Mega Man Megamix) – ROOM #2030
SUNDAY 5:30pm – UDON: 10 Years of Pop Culture Art – ROOM #2030

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