UDON at Otakon 2009!

UDON are Special Industry Guests at Otakon 2009 this weekend in Baltimore! We had an amazing time last year and can’t wait to see how it goes in ’09. Our UDON artists contributed a lot of artwork to the convention this year, including a t-shirt design, badge artwork, convention pin art, even the convention program booklet cover!

Crew in Attendance
:iconomar-dogan: Omar Dogan– Artist on Street Fighter Legends: Chun-Li
:iconlastscionz: Jeff ‘Chamba’ Cruz– Artist on Street Fighter II Turbo
:iconjo-chen: Jo Chen– Cover Artist on Darkstalkers Tribute and cover artist on Buffy
Jim Zubkavich– UDON Project Manager

All 4 of the above artists have pics in:

Come by, pick up your copy of the limited edition edition of Darkstalkers Tribute or our other artbooks, manga and trade paperbacks. Get a commission sketch or some autographs. Chat with us about art and anime. We’re located right near the show floor entrance. Click the map to enlarge: