UDON at San Diego Comic Con 2017! Panel Info, Guest &Artist Signing Schedule!


UDON will be set up at San Diego Comic-Con International, at booth #4529 (at the end of the hall near 20th Century Fox, Artist Alley and Hall H), from Wednesday July 19th through Sunday July 23rd!

So there’s just a ton of info under the cut, so if you don’t want to read the whole thing here are the five most important things to know:

  1. The UDON Booth is #4529! Come see us!
  2. We’re welcoming special guest Yoshinori Ono (Producer of Ultra Street Fighter® IV and Street Fighter®V  ) at the UDON booth on Saturday, July 22nd from 2-3pm.
  3. We have 6 Comic-Con Exclusive items this year, including UDON Collectibles Limited Edition Silver and Gold Metal Card Sets(The Four Kings & The Final Challengers), Monster Hunter Weapon Class Badge Pins (Light & Heavy Weapons), Neon Genesis Evangelion Collector’s Pins(Misato, Ristuko and Pen Pen debut at the show), and a limited edition Gold Foil Ultra Street Fighter 2 Tshirt.  As a special bonus, any purchases at the booth of $40 or more get a free random Limited Edition Series 3 Street Fighter Metal Card. If you purchase a Metal Card Set, you’ll receive a ticket for Yoshinori Ono’s signing where you will have a chance to get another gold card! (while supplies last)  PREORDER YOUR UDON EXCLUSIVES HERE
  4. We will have a gaming panel with a special guest which we will announce soon.
  5. The UDON Publishing and Creative Services Staff will be available all weekend, and we invite business colleagues and media representatives to meet with us! Drop us a line at fans@udonentertainment.com.

Alright, here’s the list:

‘Street Fighter’ Producer Yoshinori Ono joins the UDON crew signings at San Diego Comic-Con: UDON Booth #4529

UDON Entertainment is proud to welcome distinguished CAPCOM video game developers to their San Diego Comic-Con 2015 booth, #4529. Joining the talented UDON crew for their signings will be Street Fighter® Producer Yoshinori Ono!

Those wanting to get an autograph from Ono-san will need to purchase either the Four Kings Silver Metal Card Set or the Final Challengers Gold Metal Card Set. At purchase(or pickup if you preordered), we will give you a ticket for the Ono San signing on Saturday, July 22nd from 2-3pm. As is tradition each year, Ono-san will be giving out a unique Gold Metal Ono-san card on a first come, first serve basis while supplies last. There is no guarantee you will get a card, so please plan accordingly and get there early.  

Producer Yoshinori Ono, of the newly-announced Street Fighter® V and the Street Fighter 4  game series, will be signing at the UDON booth #4529 on Saturday, July 22, from 2:00pm-3:00pm. Come to Ono-San’s signing for a chance to get one of the rarest gold collectible metal cards of all! ONLY 120 of these cards are available!!


UDON’s own crew of comic, design, and game artists are signing at the UDON booth this year!

On hand for SDCC 2016 are:

Jeffrey ‘Chamba’ Cruz – Super Street Fighter Comic Series, USF4 DLC Costume Designer, KidRobot SF Toy Designer, Random Veus Chamba-pic

WED 6pm-9pm
THU 9:30am-1pm, 4:30pm-7pm
FRI 9:30am-4pm
SAT 9:30am-11:30pm, 4pm-7pm
SUN 9:30am-1pm

Long Vo  Street Fighter comic series, Street Fighter HD Remix, USF2, SFV,  USF4 DLC Costume Designer & Tatsunoko vs. Capcom™ game artist

THU 9:30am-1pm
FRI 9:30am-4pm
SAT 11:30am-1:30pm
SUN 1pm-5pm
Edwin Huang  Street Fighter Unlimited & Street Fighter VS Darkstalkers comic series, Pop Culture Shock SF Figure Designer,  USF4 DLC Costume Designer
THU 4:30pm-7pm EdwinHuang




Rob “Robaato” Porter  Cryamore, Street Fighter Comics Cover ArtistRobPorter

WED 6pm-9pm
THU 1pm-4:30pm
FRI 4:30pm-7pm
SAT 9:30am-1:30pm
SUN 9:30am-1pm

Adam Warren  Street Fighter Comic Artist, Gen13, Empowered, Dirty PairAdamWarren

THU 1pm-4:30pm
FRI 4:30pm-7pm
SAT 9:30am-1:30pm
SUN 9:30am-1pm

In addition, UDON editorial staff Erik Ko and Matt Moylan will be on hand throughout the weekend.


UDON Panels & Events at Comic-Con!

The UDON Panel 2017
Thu. July 20, 12:30-1:30pm, Room 8

UDON Entertainment known for publishing high quality art books, manga, comics, and now collectible items! Join Erik Ko (Chief of Operations) and Matt Moylan (Director of Publishing) from the UDON Entertainment team as they discuss all the exciting new projects planned for 2017-2018. Including new a Street Fighter Comic announcement, new art book reveals, and a few other surprises!


  • Erik Ko (UDON Chief of Operation)
  • Matt Moylan (UDON Director of Publishing)
  • Edwin Huang (Artist)
  • Nick Kilislian (Artist)
  • Chris Sarracini (Writer)

The Art of Video Games
Fri. July 21, 3:30-4:30pm, Room 8

Ever wondered what it is like to work on a video game as an artist? Join veteran artists who have worked on popular video game projects to learn valuable insights and tips on video game art and designs.


  • Kiki (Street Fighter V)
  • Mariel “Kinuko” Cartwright (Shantae, SkullGirls, Scott Pilgrimm)
  • Robert “Robaato” Porter (Cryamore)
  • Moderator: Matt Moylan (UDON Director of Publishing)


Additional Creator Signings & Appearances

Capcom Booth Signings: Need an extra chance to meet the UDON crew? UDON artists will be signing at the CAPCOM Booth! Here’s the schedule:

Sat: 1pm-2pm: Chamba (Megaman Legacy Collection 2 Cover Signing) Get a rare Megaman Legacy Collection 2 Poster!
Sun: 11am-12pm: Long Vo (Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Poster Signing) Get a rare Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Poster!
Sun: 1pm-2pmChamba (Megaman Legacy Collection 2 Cover Signing) Get a rare Megaman Legacy Collection 2 Poster!

That just about wraps EVERYTHING we had to say about SDCC this year! We have some super amazing stuff planned for the booth this year so we hope to see you at San Diego Comic-Con!!