UDON brings you Bravoman!

UDON Entertainment has teamed up with Namco-Bandai for a new project called Shifty Look, reimagining classic video game properties as all-new webcomics.

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Sky Kid was the first title announced for the project, next up – Bravoman!

BRAVOMAN is a wacky gag comic strip featuring the heroic exploits of Bravoman, a tokusatsu-style limb-stretching superhero who battles everything from twenty-foot-tall robots to heavy-metal-loving ninjas. At his side are his alien mentor Alpha Man and a snack-bringing sidekick named Lottery Man, who all join forces to battle the villainous Dr. Bomb and his Robot Corps! 

Bravoman will soon be coming to you twice a week by writer Matt Moylan and artist Dax “D-Gee” Gordine.

Check out an exclusive preview of the very first Bravoman strip on video game news site Kotaku.