UDON brings you Wagan Land!


UDON has helped revived a pile of retro gaming franchise through Shiftlook.comBandai-Namco‘s rockin’ webcomics portal. So far we’ve tackled Bravoman, Dragon Spirit, Klonoa, Rocket Fox, Sky Kid and Wonder Momo.

Now, another old-school Namco game makes its webcomics return/debut – WAGAN LAND!

Written by Matt Moylan (Bravoman), and featuring the artwork of Rob “Robaato” Porter(Cryamore), Wagan Land features the misadventures of a superdeformed robot dinosaur named Wagan! Poor Wagan can’t say much besides the occasional “Wah!” or “Gah!”, which gets him into all sorts of trouble as he tries to survive a world filled with wacky monsters and even wackier puzzles!

The first few Wagan Land strips are already available to read. Head on over to Shiftylook.com/comics/wagan-land and check them out!