UDON Entertainment at Anime Expo 2019

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With Anime Expo 2019 right around the corner – July 4-7th at the Los Angeles Convention Center -, we are thrilled to announce the next series of convention exclusive pins that UDON Entertainment will have to offer! Stop by UDON Booth 2623/2723 to collect them all!

SFGC_R2 (1)

Super Street Fighter II Turbo Character Winning Pose Pins Round 2
Are you ready for ROUND 2!?  New challengers approach with our all new, convention exclusive Super Street Fighter II Turbo Character Winning Pose Pins! These pins are sold in blind bags, picked at random out of a raffle box. Round 2 consists the final bosses of STREET FIGHTER II, AKA the FOUR KINGS – Sagat, Vega, Balrog, and M. Bison! To make this round super special, there is also a hidden extra-rare variant, AND a hidden character to find! Win this round with a perfect KO – if you can collect all 6 pins! Super Street Fighter II Turbo Character Winning Pose Pins Round 2 will be $10 each, random draw. Pick up these bad boys from UDON Booth  2623/2723.

Morgana Lucky Draw

Persona 5 Morgana Lucky Draw Pins 

Don’t call him a cat, he’s Morgana! Continuing the success of the highly popular Persona 4 Teddy Lucky Draw Pins, this year we will spotlight the fan favorite, from the smash hit Persona 5: Phantom Thief Morgana! There are 5 variants of the Morgana pin that are mixed in different difficulty levels! Persona 5 Morgana Lucky Draw Pins will be $10 per random draw.

Pinup Special CVR CON1

Fans will want to stop by the booth early to find the STREET FIGHTER 2019 PIN-UP SPECIAL featuring the Anime Exclusive Chun-Li/Sakura/C-Viper cover. This cover is LIMITED and ONLY available at our Anime Expo Booth 2623/2723!  Bonus round: Street Fighter Pin Up Special cover artist Rob ‘Robaato’ Porter will be in the UDON booth to sign your books! Stop by and grab your copy while supplies last!


SFG Card (1)






UDON Booth 2623/2723 will also usher in the return of some of our previous convention exclusive pins, such as the Mega Man Lucky Draws, Mega Man & Rush, Super Street Fighter II Turbo Character Winning Pose Round 1 Pins, Monster Hunter Weapon Class pins, and more!

Joining Robaato in the booth all weekend will be UDON artists Edwin Huang and Jeffrey ‘Chamba’ Cruz! Join us Thursday, July 4th, for this incredible panel and a chance to win the winning art piece:

UDON Artist Draw Off + Special Announcements WS1 (403 B) – July 4 – 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Join UDON artists Edwin Huang and Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz for a special draw off on stage! The final artwork will be given out to one lucky winner! UDON Chief Erik Ko will be moderating this exciting event, and you might learn some new UDON project news. And did we mention we will have giveaways?!

See you in LA!