UDON Holiday 2013: Day 5

TakehitoHaradaArtworks_interiors_update-197Takehito Harada Art Works I

TakehitoHaradaArtworks_interiors_update-196Day Five: It’s the fifth day of our little online advent calendar, and this particular image is one of my favourites, not just because it’s a lovely Christmas scene featuring the ladies of Disgaea, but because you get to see the entire creative process that led to its creation!

If you click that image to the right there, that’s the preceding page in Takehito Harada Art Works 1, and it shows the step-by-step process for the first version of this image, that Harada-sensei abandoned because he didn’t like it! It then shows you how he came to create this one. That’s one of the things that makes this book so amazing, the fact that it goes through the entire creative process, and shows that even someone as talented and acclaimed as Harada-sensei can be dissatisfied with his work, throw it out, start over, and create something wonderful!

If you’re an aspiring artist (or have one on your shopping list), Takehito Harada Art Works 1 is the perfect book for them this holiday season…!

Takehito Harada Art Works 1 Cover Takehito Harada: Art Works

Featuring the works of video game artist extraordinaire Takehito Harada, lead character designer of the hit Disgaea RPG series! Takehito Harada Art Works covers the artist’s work on all four Disgaea titles, as well as Prinny 1 & 2, Makai Kingdom, and Phantom Brave. Inside you’ll find game covers, rare promotional art, rough layouts, creator commentary, and a detailed look at Takehito Harada’s creative process.

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Format: Softcover
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Size: 8.25″ x 11.75″

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