UDON presents Silent Möbius: Complete Edition

UDON announces Silent Möbius: Complete Edition

Having spawned a 26-episode anime, and 2 feature films, the Silent Möbius series is considered by many as the pinnacle of sci-fi manga. UDON Entertainment is proud to announce the English release of the Silent Möbius: Complete Edition series, a new remastered edition of the manga packed with tons of bonus material. If you have never before read Silent Möbius, you can’t call yourself a true manga reader.

Created by famed manga artist Kia Asamiya (Nadesico, Uncanny X-men, Batman: Child of Dreams, Star Wars Episode 1 Manga), Silent M̦bius follows the AMP (Attacked Mystification Police). This all-female police force protects a futuristic Tokyo from invasion by the Lucifer Hawks Рan extra-dimensional race of demons who come in a variety of terrifying forms.

Silent Möbius: Complete Edition features a new UDON translation, the restoration of the traditional right-to-left reading format, as well as new scans of every page taken directly from the original artwork. Each volume also includes a full color illustration gallery, extras like characters designs, data files, and interviews, and many color story pages from the series original serialization in Comic Dragon Magazine. UDON will also be releasing 3 full volumes of never before collected stories – the two-volume Silent Möbius Tales, and a special prequel Volume 0 that reveals much of the series’ backstory.

“I feel very fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to publish this Complete Edition”, says Asamiya, “and it certainly gave me a chance to look back on everything. Whether you’ve read the series before, or are picking it up for the first time ever, I hope you will enjoy Silent Möbius.”

The first volume of Silent Möbius: Complete Edition arrives August 2009, with new volumes to follow every few months. 

Silent Möbius: Complete Edition Vol.1
ISBN: 978-1-897376-21-8 
$14.99 US,  200pgs
On sale August 2009