UDON Store Black Friday Specials!

UDON fans, are you ready for the sale of the year?! Starting at Midnight EST on Friday, November 25th- 27th the UDON Store is offering some of our best deals ever on goodies that will make any UDON fan’s holiday wish list complete.

Black Friday is the big launch for the UDON’s Warehouse Clearance, and for those of you in the USA, you know exactly what this means and for those of you outside the USA, it’s still HUGE deal for you. The UDON store needs space in the warehouse, which is a win win for all of you.
Quantities are limited, some items as low as just a few copies so it will be a first-come, first-served basis. Without further ado, here is the list of goodies that will be on sale this Friday morning.

Softcover (Blowout as low as $2.99)
SF III Ryu Final Heaven & Earth
SF Vol.1-6
SF Manga
SF Alpha

Hardcover ($7.99 Blowout)
Art of Capcom 2
Art of Brutal Legends
Darkstalkers Tribute
Darkstalkers Ultimate Edition
Street Fighter V.2 Ultimate Edition
Vent V.1
World of Warcraft Tribute
Hardcover Specials:
Capcom Fighting Tribute Convention Edition $29.99
Makeshift Miracle 2.99
Street Fighter Akumal $19.99
Street Fighter Classic V.1 $24.99
Street Fighter Classic V.2 $24.99
Street Fighter Classic V.3 $24.99
Street Fighter IV Wages of Sin $19.99
Super Street Fighter V.1 $19.99
Super Street Fighter V.2 $19.99
World Warrior Encyclopedia $24.99
Softcover Specials:
Apple V.3 $14.99
Apple V.4 $14.99
Apple Selection Summer $19.99
Darkstalkers Graphic File $19.99
Exalted GN $9.99
Okami $29.99
Omar Dogan’s Girl 7 $19.99
Robot 5 $14.99

Comic Books from .25 to .99
(excludes: Street Fighter Unlimited and Street Fighter Legends series)